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This Battery powered photoelectric smoke alarm is best at detecting slow smoldering fires. Photoelectric smoke sensors reduce false alarms caused by cooking or hot showers. The interconnectivity alarm features a Mute/Silence button to quiet false alarms and an easy-access battery drawer allowing batteries to be changed without removing the alarm from the ceiling.

The First Alert® alarm allows for wireless smoke alarm integration. When one alarm sounds all alarms will be notified. Easily link alarms together with the press of a button.

Product Descriptions:

  • 9V battery power supply, Surveillance state current less than 10uA, alarm current less than 12mA;
  • Voltage alarm function. When the battery voltage is lower than 6.8V, issued a prompt remind users to charge the battery;
  • Alarm volume: >85DB;
  • Temperature range: 10-60 deg
  • Protection area: alarm installation height 6 meters, Protection
  • 9V battery, auto reset stainless steel shield,
  • The LED indicates alarm, dustproof, mothproof,anti-white light interference;
  • Alarm Output: relay output N.O./N.C.
  • Designed for the fastest possible installation.
  • Low battery indicator
  • Alarm test button for easy testing.