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  • Multi-function Selfie Ring Light: It is a challenge for taking a selfie or trying to get a good picture in dim dark light condition, but it was a big help, Varying degrees of brightness for your choose, it really helps brighten up the photos, smoothing effect with your skin, make your skin look awesome. It can be used as camping light clipping to the inside of the tent, clipping onto a backpack while hiking; emergency bicycle light clipping onto the front of the bike or rear, shirt.
  • Portable Lightweight Simple Ring Light: Less than 100-gram weight, can be easily carried in pocket or bag and shoot in wherever you want, easy on and off installation, sturdy construction with a spring hinge for clipping onto the device, easy to use power button, there is a signal button for ON/OFF and adjusting brightness of the light.
  • Adjustable Led Light: 36 highlights LED bulb, provide supplemental or side lighting for creative photography and videography, there are 3 brightness settings, bright, brighter and brightest.
  • Versatile fill light: It can be used for most Smart Phones/Tablets.